Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions applied at the Molekw.com website states the following:

-The customer has the right to replace the products or refund them within 14 days from the date of purchase according to the following conditions:

1. The item should be in the same condition as at the time of purchase.

2. The customer has not used it in any way.

3. The nature of the commodity, as the custom requires, shall not be permitted to be refunded.

-The customer shall be entitled to replace the products and refund them for lack of size within five days from the date of purchase provided that the measurement option is confirmed in the purchase invoice.

- Products in cases where a defect is discovered, even if it is possible to repair it, must be returned, and the seller must refund them according to the value stated in the sales invoices.

 - The right of the customer to exercise the right of reply and replacement should not fall according to the conditions specified by the law even if the products were purchased during the commercial offers.

- If the product is found to be counterfeit or fake, the customer is entitled to refund the value from the seller in cash.

-The customer does not undertake any material cost for replacement or refund for any reason.

-The customer has the right to return the products if they are found to be contrary to what has been agreed upon.

-The provisions of this provision shall not apply to perishable customer's products manufactured according to specifications specified by the customer, books, newspapers, and magazines.

 - The customer shall not be entitled directly to the right of reply.

Replacement in the following cases:

1. If the customer is aware of the defect in the products during their purchase and accepted in their condition and has been proved in the purchase invoice.

2. If the products change their nature or characteristics or the way of packaging or packaging without replacing or refunding such as being exposed to damage or impossibility of returning it to its condition at the time of purchase in such a way as to avoid resale unless the reason for the refund and replacement is due to manufacturing defects, or the products are contrary to what has been agreed upon as a result of fraud in specifications or components.